Friday, August 10, 2018

Healing with Light Beams

Laser therapy is not a new medical therapy, but it has recently been made readily available and affordable to veterinary clinics. With this technology, pets are able to recover faster and suffer from less pain, whether it is from surgery, an injury, or a chronic condition. At ACVC, we utilize this therapy frequently for our patients with a wide range of conditions. 

How Does it Work? 

During a laser therapy treatment, the device is placed over the affected area and sends concentrated light energy deep into the tissue. The light energizes cells in the damaged tissue and quickens the healing process. Patients at ACVC will receive laser therapy for a number of conditions including:

- Post-surgical incisions

- Hot spots

- Lick granulomas

- Intervertebral disc disease

- Tendonitis

- Arthritis

- Stomatitis

- … and more!

Benefits of Laser Therapy

By activating and energizing cells, laser therapy offers loads of benefits not only for the healing process but for your pet’s comfort level, too. Benefits include:

- Decreased inflammation

- Pain relief

- Faster healing

- Increased blood circulation

- … and more!

Frequency of Treatment

Laser therapy is cumulative, so with each session your pet experiences more and more of the benefits. This is particularly true of chronic conditions such as arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Senior pets who experience these chronic conditions benefit from a long-term laser therapy plan that includes weekly sessions. Meanwhile, other pets who undergo a routine surgery may only need one or two sessions for the effects of healing to be felt.

Do you think your pet would benefit from laser therapy? Contact us today to set up an appointment!