Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Reasons to Make Your Pet’s Dental Health a Priority

The condition of your pet’s mouth is directly linked to their overall health, inside and out. When they begin having problems with their teeth and gums, it can lead to a variety of other health issues, including:

Dental disease
Tooth loss
Systemic disease (heart, liver, kidneys)

Additionally, poor oral health can be painful, in turn limiting your pet’s ability to eat, drink, play, and simply enjoy life in good health.

Preventive Care Options

What can you do to prevent or delay the progress of plaque buildup and the potential onset of dental disease?

Brushing: While brushing your pet’s teeth every day might seem like a hassle, it’s actually one of the best ways to control plaque and tartar formation. Ideally, you should start your dog or cat on their brushing routine when they’re still young and have time to get comfortable with the process.
Make sure to use pet-friendly toothpaste and focus on brushing in gentle, circular motions along your pet’s gum line. For best results, try brushing their teeth once or twice a day.

Special diet: Certain prescription diet foods are formulated to help control the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. They’re a great way to supplement brushing and yearly teeth cleanings at our hospital.

Dental chews: Substitute your pet’s regular treats with dental chews recommended by your veterinarian. When chewed, OraVet chews “brush” debris off the teeth and form a barrier to block bacteria and reduce plaque and tartar formation. Dental chews are also an excellent supplement for your pet’s dental routine.

Your pet’s oral health begins with you. If they currently do not have a dental care routine that includes daily at-home treatment, contact us at (412) 882-3070 to learn more!