Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Thing you should Never see on Pet Food Label

If you see the words "veterinarian approved" on your pet food label, look out. That claim is always untrue.
Veterinarians do not approve labels or products. Only state regulatory agencies can do that, according to the The Business of Pet Food, a new website launched by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).
That’s just a taste of the information you’ll find on the site: www.petfood.aafco.org.
What else?
Ingredient lists, labeling requirements, analyses of commercial pet food and government regulations for making and labeling pet food.
The site is for people who sell pet food -- or want to. But there’s lots of information for pet owners, too.
"Many people are surprised by how many regulations apply to the pet food industry," says Liz Higgins, Chair of AAFCO‘s Pet Food Committee.
For example, did you know "veterinarian recommended" means that the company making the food actually surveyed veterinarians to find out if they would recommend the food?
And, like we said, "veterinarian approved" is never true.
So, if you’ve ever wondered …
What’s really in my pet’s food?
What would it take to turn my secret recipe for Tasty Treats into a mail-order business?
Go to http://www.petfood.aafco.org.

Originally published by Healthy Pet.

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